Sports Darling Downs was established in 1999 to foster sport throughout the Darling Downs area of Queensland.

The aim of Sports Darling Downs is to distribute funds to sporting individuals, teams and organisations to assist their development and to help ease the financial burden often suffered as a result of the pursuit of excellence in sport.

Sports Darling Downs is a non-profit organisation based in Toowoomba, the second largest inland city in Australia. Funding for Sports Darling Downs is exclusively by way of donations and sponsorships received from businesses on the Darling Downs. It is administered entirely by volunteers.

The Impact of COVID-19

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 developments and the latest Government announcements, the Sports Darling Downs Committee has made the decision to suspend all Sports Darling Downs Events and Awards for 2020.

This includes all breakfasts, fundraising, Speak Up For Sport courses, the Annual Presentation Dinner and all Incentive and Monthly nominations for 2020.

While we recognise that this is extremely unfortunate for all of the athletes in our region we believe that due to the cancellation of local, state, national and international competitions we cannot possibly select awards for the year of 2020.

We also acknowledge the financial hardship that many of our local sponsors are currently facing and will continue to face into the uncertain future.

These are difficult times for both our local sponsors, sporting organisations and the athletes from the Darling Downs. We know that our region will come back better, stronger and more resilient – as will Sports Darling Downs.