Quarterly Incentive Awards for January - March 2012

Amalgamated Pest Control Incentive Awards   Alan Gibson   Swimming
    BJ Oates   Swimming
    Shanen Layden   Athletics
Caltex Energy Qld Incentive Awards   Paul Aleer   Basketball
Clive Berghofer Group Incentive Award   Chris McIllhatton   Basketball
Rebel Sport Incentive Award   Scott Trevena   Athletics
Central Jewellers Incentive Award   Michael Castles   Polocrosse
G W Racing Incentive Award   Jack Bannister   Athletics
Clearfuture Financial Services Incentive Award   David Tong   Athletics
Roberts Menswear Incentive Award   Aiden Lister   Swimming
McConachie Stedman Incentive Award   Charlie Carswell   Triathlon
City Golf Club Incentive Award   Ben Saxton   Triathlon
Cooper's Joinery Incentive Award   Jarrod Meintjes   Athletics
The Lazy Fisherman Incentive Award   Isabelle Baldock   AFL
The Athletes Foot Incentive Award   Jared Pailthorpe   Swimming
Toowoomba Carpet Court Incentive Award   Jeffrey Morrish   Electric Wheelchair Sport
Leading Edge Telecoms Incentive Award   Braydon Smith   Boxing
Stonestreets Coaches Incentive Awards   Jimmy Gordon   Athletics
Holmes Smash Repairs Speedliner Incentive Award   Lawrence Upton   Athletics
Sports Darling Downs Incentive Awards   Paul Elbourne   Netball