Quarterly Incentive Awards for July - September 2011

Amalgamated Pest Control Incentive Awards   Max Harding   Hockey
    Melony Baker   Soccer
    James Keleher   Lawn Bowls
Caltex Energy Qld Incentive Awards   Ben Gersekowski   Motor Racing
    Corey Langton   Rugby League
    Madeline Staff   Hockey
Clive Berghofer Group Incentive Award   Kirstyn Pacholke   Volleyball
Rebel Sport Incentive Award   Kacie Trost   Hockey
Central Jewellers Incentive Award   Aiden Lister   Swimming
G W Racing Incentive Award   Daniel Mauch   Volleyball
Clearfuture Financial Services Incentive Award   Emmanuel Philip   Track & Field
Roberts Menswear Incentive Award   Jeriah Goodrich   Rugby Union
McConachie Stedman Incentive Award   Isabella Mayne   Hockey
City Golf Club Incentive Award   Nicholas Drew   Cross Country
Cooper's Joinery Incentive Award   Darcy Maroske   Rugby League
The Lazy Fisherman Incentive Award   Kara Stuart   Weightlifting
The Athletes Foot Incentive Award   Tessa Knight   Volleyball
Carpet Court Incentive Award   Ryka Dunemann   Track & Field
Leading Edge Telecoms Incentive Award   Chantel Manhire   Hockey Umpiring
Sports Darling Downs Incentive Awards   Clarissa Janes   Track & Field
    Jack Briskey   Track & Field